Friday, 27 September 2013

The picture-ly fetish..

Erratic. Offbeat. Eccentric uproars within. The ‘oh-so-difficult-to-figure-out’ moments. Finally my blog ! Period.

Sometimes in the reckless monotony of life, all you land up wanting to do is… umm… something crazy? Something crisp enough to smoothen out that crumpled paper of a life and set it back again pumping with the right vigor inside your almost-pale-with-disinterest frame? Duh! As if talking of something so interesting and out-of-the world makes them happen that easily. But then you can’t help it. There’s this limit or saturation or whatever you term it that sometimes lands you in a technical slog in your journey. And that remnant of an imagination takes root and maligns you with thoughts only you can make sense out of. Enough of talking nonsense. I stop this here or I’ll give away the impression that the technical slog has also given birth to a biological disarrangement in my head. 

I came across some seriously odd but cool pictures in the recent past.There's a queer essence in certain small things that can somehow grab that 'feel-good' element and serve you on a platter. (You may not get those 'out-of-the-world' experiences in a jiffy but some things are enough to bring back that calmness in you). I made a few changes here and there to those pictures and added a few words to them. It's nothing great, ok.. But, I just felt like and gave it a try....
I tell you.. Far better than your air-conditioner ;)


For anybody who  feels like cuddling them to death :)

I have always seen real bugs as BUGS, though ! ;)

Finally, something unchanged and super-awesome.....

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              It's almost 2 years of bringing alive 'Mosaic' . Meeting some wonderful bloggers, letting loose some thoughts,  learning from experiences of others and most importantly, doing what I've always loved- have been a  great company so far......

[P.S:This ain't anything close to a 'good' post, agreed..But then, I told you it's a bit crazy and yes, stupid ! ]

Friday, 17 May 2013

Being 'mildly' EVIL !!

You remind me of someone today ;)  !!
The last time someone scolded me very badly for no apparent heinous crime on my part, I broke down. Badly enough. Rubbed my teary cheeks with my bare hands. Who carries a handkerchief ? Well, I don’t. Even if I have saturated nostrils ready to open-fire at the slightest inclination of my head during those ‘I-got-a-terrible-cold’ days(There's always a wash room for that). Someone who has noticed me rub-drying my face, might have thought I have indeed got one tight slap or something (no wonder, my face was red hot by then). But the ‘badly’ that I mentioned in the first line was n’t that high scale if one was to grade ‘bad-ness’. I later realized it was just a simple rebuke, which was let loose from the often-not-sober-tongue of the attacker. If only I realized it then. But there was something in her words that hurt me then. The brutality of the moment was too much to bear and I had to let the liquid overflow (er,liquid?? Back then, I would have strangulated anyone who used ‘liquid’ for my precious tears. It’s not just plain water, madam. I lost quite a few millimoles of electrolyes along with the H2O molecules. And yes, grief ! And somewhere in my heart, it ached a little. Not an angina, really.)

The only thing I do now when I pass by that lady(the one who's the villain of this post) sometimes is,smile a contemptuous smile and remind my friend what a vindictive little pest (I refrain from using the word ‘bitch’. Come on, she’s far better than that) she is. Probably that person does n’t even remember she spoke harshly to me once .In fact I’m not quite sure whether she lists those words as harsh. What if it's entangled in her gene to talk that way !

So the point is- there is this category of people who are just so abnormal that they are either so haughty not to realize that they have a million faults of their own or have this ‘I-need-to-spit-out-these-ridiculous-words-or-my-tongue-will-keep-fluttering-inside-my-mouth-for-the-rest-of-the-day’ attitude that you just need to ignore and keep your cool whenever you encounter them. 

Colliding head-on with them can land you in nothing but a time-sucking-pressure-raising encounter. It’s not worth kicking the hard rock you stumbled upon while walking, it’ll only  damage your sole ( worry about your sandals, dear !!). Better catwalk around it and leave it to get shoveled by the ‘drive’ the next day.
The perfect precise look you should wear when you deal with an  incorrigible someone ;) 
P.S: The incident occurred when I was in my 3rd semester. Back then, I was a naive thing who was yet to realize there were many who belong to her clan and each day receive silent sarcastic looks from people they once victimized and are oblivious about. And she was just a post-graduate then, who was probably asked by her senior to teach us a few clinical methods. Gosh, I thought she was some great doctor-in-demand or something. I wonder how her patients tolerate that frustrated ‘I-will-eat-you-raw’ look on her face! If only she gets a lot of patients seeking her help! I mean, what if you appear more sick than your patient? Isn’t a calm, smiling and reassuring face is what a suffering cachexic,wriggling in pain patient looking forward to in his doctor?

P.P.S: Calvin, how come I fail to stifle a giggle at your perpetration, every single time? This is the cartoon strip that brought back that regurgitating memory and made me write this post. Demoralize,eh. If only I could mete out the same treatment to 'that someone'. Since when have  I started to sound so EVIL !??! ;) 

Thursday, 17 January 2013

"Ecstatically Yours"

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything sensible here in my blog. The cold, the stress or perhaps the ‘jumbled-up-thoughts-failing-to-fall-into-place’ situation has got my skull jammed somewhere at some part. So there’s an urgent need to de-clutter or I better put it this way : urgent need to write something. The following piece was intended to be kinda romantic. But I can't help if it turns out to be too childish. Please feel free to comment if it does. Well, there's always a chance for improvement, na. ;)

Oh! Be practical, brat. He spoke to himself. Taking a giant leap from the bed to the couch, he could not hold himself back from feeling ‘lazy-cum-dumb’. All he wanted to do was lay flat on the bed and stare at the vast emptiness and revise that scene again in his mind. Feeling like an idiot is easy he thought, being one is easier. Why was he turning out to be an emotional fool, of late? Or is ‘romantic’ the appropriate word. ‘Nah’ he brushed aside the word from his train of thoughts and held the pillow tighter and made a concerted attempt to rest his ‘brimming-with-sparks’ eyes for a few minutes at least.

She was busy-copying the last lines of the class notes that she had missed the previous day. Actually, her hands were. Her mind was way deflected from the realms of redox reactions and their balancing. As she scribbled a few wrong words, slapped her forehead for making a silly mistake even while copying stuff; she realized it was no good making a vain attempt to sit back on the table. A leap of the heart every now and then, the feeling of sinking into a bed of molten lava of emotions-not burning hot, but exuding a comforting warmth.

If only they knew that they had been ruling each other’s thoughts for the past few days. Boarding school churns out the life out of its students at times. Being sophomores and having a crush is no big deal. Well, these days, even toddlers of class one boast of having a boyfriend or girlfriend. Funny! But cute. If only they knew what’s it all about.

...........Had it been any of his friends, he would have typed one random paragraph embellished with a word or two speaking of ‘how much he loved her’ and ‘how much he missed her’ without really weighing the pounds those words carried. And the lines would’ve come out as romantically poetic when flashed as an update in facebook. So easy.

But he did write something for her:

"When I saw you for the first time,
Deep inside there’s a rush
‘cause the possibility
That you would ever feel the same way
It’s too much
Just too much
Why do I keep running from the truth?
All I ever think about is you
You got me hypnotized, so mesmerized
And I’ve just got to know
Do you ever think
When you’re all alone
All that we could be?
Where this thing could go?
Am I crazy or falling in love??
Do you catch a breath when I look at you
Are you holding back like the way I do?
‘Cause I’m trying, trying to walk away
But I know this crush ain’t going away..."

[P.S: These lines are copied from a song, although I played with a few words here and there. The first time I went through its lyrics, I loved it straight away. So,an attempt to imbibe it in a blog post. ] 

She responded:
"This crush ain’t going away ‘cause this crush gonna stay forever. You don’t seem crazy when you look at me. Why does it make me feel as if you are as much in love with me as I am with you…
Ecstatically yours………"

The irony: the means of communication failed !
The boy wrote those lines on the wall of the boy’s toilet.
The girl ended up spoiling her new ball point pen by scribbling the above words on the faded wall of the girl’s toilet.

Every year hence, girls of DAV Public School read those words smeared across the pale wall while entering the wash room. The boys do the same, wondering who was the modern Shakespeare who could dare to bear the stench of the toilet for a good amount of time and compose an entire poem sitting there ;)

Something worthy to note. Why do people make scratches on wash room walls (mostly in schools), walls of old monuments, etc writing ‘I love you’ or the like? Don’t they have better places to write or can’t they just use that texting option in their mobile phones to do so and send the message to whosoever they desire to rather than dirtying these walls. ;) ]

Sunday, 30 December 2012

AAA:Award,Answers and Aaekay....

Sorry, Aaykay. I'm very late in answering to your questions. If at all an excuse can help me with my apology, it's : I had my exams and almost lost contact with my blog for as long as two months. 

Thanks a lot for the award Aaekay :)

Here goes my answers. Loved the questions. (Found a few difficult to answer-especially the 5th and 8th ) :)

#1: Which post that you have written on your blog is your most favorite of all and why?

After a year of blogging, I have come to realize that with time, people evolve and so do I. With every blog post I write, I gain a better insight into things, about life itself. So, AaeKay, I really love this question of yours. A blog post entitled “Searching for an answer and... yes, GOT IT!!..:)” is still my favourite as it’s very close to my heart even though it’s a very simple one.

#2: Which post that I have written on my blog is your favorite and why?
I read a poem in your blog-“Suicide is never the solution”. Liked the way you expressed what you wanted to, wonderfully through a poem. The following lines were the best.
When the sun rises and reaches its peak,
When the problem reveals its intricacies and therefore its flaws,
There, one will see a solution,
And the solution will NEVER be suicide.

#3: How would you define love, hope, faith and life in a sentence?
To define these my way:  Life is a single delicate thread entwined around love, hope and faith; any imbalance in these three may cause the thread to break apart or sag down.

#4: What is that one thing that you cannot tolerate in a person?
Excessive pride. The ones who are always in the seventh heaven because of a minor success of theirs and look down at others surely deserve my contempt.

#5: What defines YOU in one word?
 Different ;)

#6: If we were to meet somewhere out of the blue, what would you say to me? How would you identify me, if you had to approach me and confirm that it is AaeKay indeed!?
If miraculously you and I meet in the near future and I somehow see you,my response would be……Hi, so do you still remember the 6th question and my answer to it?? ;)

#7: Do you believe that people are allowed to break your heart in a relationship? (I know we trust them not to.)
 A flat no. Why a relationship, if one breaks the heart of the other? (though, sometimes unintentionally, one may hurt the other’s sentiments..but that definitely doesn’t entail SHATTERING ONE’S HEART INTO PIECES)

#8: What is one thing that you love about yourself? 
Talking of an attribute (if that’s what the question demands as an answer), I do only those things which I love to do ;)

#9: How productive are you? What do you follow in order to be productive? (This is because I'm trying hard to become productive; not working!)
Productive..umm..and not working…..well, that would be just lay back, read a book or travel.

#10: How did you come across my blog and what was your first thought about my blog and me?
You commented on a post in my blog. Then I went on to browse through ‘A Blog To Remember’ and found it really interesting. The blogger who maintains an interesting blog has to be equally interesting and a flourishing writer. Glad to have come across you and your blog,Aaekay. 

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

mY SpAcE : mY RuLeS :: mY KiNgdOM : my ThRoNe

The use of punctuation marks in the title isn’t correct. Sorry. Not that I used to get them all correct in the grammar section of my test papers ,but still this is quite awkward. I agree. But then, to talk of math, I haven’t excelled in it either. So, this explanation leaves me a total jerk- ‘an adha-adhura knowledge’ kinda person. Well, that suits me best! Anyway, I learnt the use of : and :: long back. So the only thing I remember now (that too, very vaguely) is that : is for ratio and :: is for proportion(Sorry again, if I got that wrong. It’s been years I have smelt the calculating repulsive scent of a mathematics textbook).

Try arguing with an auto rickshaw-wallah near his auto stand where all his buddies sit comfortably under the thin short-lasting stretch of synthetic covering around the rust-eaten rods of their three-wheelers. He might utter an inexplicable fare in the most inexplicably confident voice. Then suddenly you realize that you are a minority in the area where you are standing and feel yourself shrinking into an agitated electron among a lane-full of anti-charged protons. You relent. The fare no longer a matter of concern. Your skin is!

And that’s the absurdity of it all. Ask the same auto rickshaw-wallah to come to your colony. You and your whole lot of like-minded people can argue with him. The reason of argument?? Oh, leave the reason. Now that you are a majority, why do you need a reason?? (Darn, am I stepping into political swamps with the last statement?? I suppose, a big no! Politics is the last thing in the universe that would grab my interest!)

Dare to step on a lonely stage- the platform vast and a forlorn stranger. But then, you were the one who was laughing your uvula sore, back among the audience. And then the same light when focused on you, you hear your heart recklessly beating drums within your atria and ventricles. The absurdity of it again.

The teacher you mock at while he’s lecturing in the class. You scribble his outline on the last page of your notebook. The cartoon sketch turns out to be a divine bucket of laughter. The balding head, the sagging gravity-loving belly and the strands of hair protruding from where they should n’t. Gosh! You try to hold back that laughter-pressure inside you to such an extent that had your body been a pressure cooker, your intestine would have got satisfactorily boiled to be gulped down like a long Chinese noodle,by the time the lecturer leaves the class.

The contrast- The pot-bellied brat makes a joker out of you in the viva table. He laughs and sips coffee, finding faults in every word you utter. You wonder-how the funny cartoon character featuring on the last page of your notebook turns into a blood-sucking vampire overnight. Damn! But that’s what the ratio is all about. As you sit sweating your way out and wetting your dry throat by painfully swallowing the minimum amount of saliva sticking to the insides of your famine-struck buccal cavity; you realize : this time it’s his space: his rules. As you walk out of the examination hall and walk back to your gang, it’s your kingdom: your throne.

  • (P.S. Though it’s often difficult to predict which king wins the broader battle at the end, we always are the triumphant crown-bearers in our own territory housing our gang of friends, family and well-wishers and once we step out that comfort zone, we suddenly feel like an outcast ) :)

So the next time I comment to my friends about a girl wearing an awkward dress, I’ll at least think once before commenting as to how many others might be laughing at my own dressing sense. But to wind it up all- WE ALL ARE SO GROSSLY DIFFERENT !! AT THE END, IT SIMPLY DOES N’T MATTER-until of course we get something to laugh at and there's someone else to laugh at us. NOBODY SURE IS 'UNLAUGHABLE' and we all are miniature freaks at one level or the other. )

  • [P.P.S. If the title with its punctuation marks still does n’t make sense, then……well……I have admitted before, I never got them all correct!!]  ;-)