Friday, 27 September 2013

The picture-ly fetish..

Erratic. Offbeat. Eccentric uproars within. The ‘oh-so-difficult-to-figure-out’ moments. Finally my blog ! Period.

Sometimes in the reckless monotony of life, all you land up wanting to do is… umm… something crazy? Something crisp enough to smoothen out that crumpled paper of a life and set it back again pumping with the right vigor inside your almost-pale-with-disinterest frame? Duh! As if talking of something so interesting and out-of-the world makes them happen that easily. But then you can’t help it. There’s this limit or saturation or whatever you term it that sometimes lands you in a technical slog in your journey. And that remnant of an imagination takes root and maligns you with thoughts only you can make sense out of. Enough of talking nonsense. I stop this here or I’ll give away the impression that the technical slog has also given birth to a biological disarrangement in my head. 

I came across some seriously odd but cool pictures in the recent past.There's a queer essence in certain small things that can somehow grab that 'feel-good' element and serve you on a platter. (You may not get those 'out-of-the-world' experiences in a jiffy but some things are enough to bring back that calmness in you). I made a few changes here and there to those pictures and added a few words to them. It's nothing great, ok.. But, I just felt like and gave it a try....
I tell you.. Far better than your air-conditioner ;)


For anybody who  feels like cuddling them to death :)

I have always seen real bugs as BUGS, though ! ;)

Finally, something unchanged and super-awesome.....

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              It's almost 2 years of bringing alive 'Mosaic' . Meeting some wonderful bloggers, letting loose some thoughts,  learning from experiences of others and most importantly, doing what I've always loved- have been a  great company so far......

[P.S:This ain't anything close to a 'good' post, agreed..But then, I told you it's a bit crazy and yes, stupid ! ]

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